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Less time spent searching for your tickets, more time spent having fun!

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is now

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Easy access

No more printing or having to find your ticket on your email. Easy access to a venue with the Tap app.


Have it handy

All your information in the same place. Locations, dates, starting time, and more. 


Easily plan a new visit through your Tap app. Your new tickets are only one tap away.

Re-visit easily


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a new ticket? 

1. Via Email

Look for the "Add tickets to Tap" button on your confirmation email and click on it. Tap will automatically add the tickets for you.


2. Manually

Look for the '+' icon. Fill in your order ID and the email from which you purchased your tickets. Tap will automatically add the tickets for you.

How do I see all my tickets? 

In the lower right-hand corner of the Tap app, look for the "tickets" icon. When you click on it, you will see all the tickets you have purchased. 

The icon looks like this: 

Ticket Icon App

I have a question regarding my tickets


The venue will be happy to assist you!
Check the contact details by tapping the "..." icon. 

Can I buy more tickets directly from the app?


​Sure you can! Choose the venue you want to visit, and you will be able to buy or reserve your tickets through the Tap app.  To choose the venue you want to visit, look for this icon in the app's bottom left-hand corner: 

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Coming Soon


Personalised offers


 Get special discounts and personalised offers from your favourite venues.


In app messaging


Get notified of what is happening within the venue, special promotions and events.  


Exclusive in-venue content


 Get maps, attraction varieties, special events information, and more 


Pay-Per-Minute tickets


 Only pay for the time you spend (and never pay more than the full day ticket)

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